Living at a Stuhomes Property


Room and bed sizes are explained on the Stuhomes website. Click the “rooms” tab under the residences section.
Yes, you can depend on availability.
You will find instructions on how to connect to the internet at your accommodation in the Residents Handbook, the welcome email or by asking the team on reception.
If you only watch on-demand or catch-up programmes through streaming services like Netflix, then you do not need a TV licence - unless you're watching BBC programmes on iPlayer.
If you are renting an Ensuite Room, you will be sharing a kitchen with up to 6 residents.
All our studio rooms include kitchenette, with a microwave, kettle and toaster, bathroom, study space, wardrobe, bed, and mattress. Ensuite rooms include bathroom, shared kitchen, study space, wardrobe, bed, and mattress.
The rent is inclusive of gas, electricity, and internet connection to your room and in all the public areas of the building.
The shared kitchens with our Ensuite rooms have an oven but our Studio rooms don’t have an oven but do have a microwave, that has an oven setting.
Unfortunately, our rooms do not contain air conditioning, but you can borrow a fan from the team at reception.
Council tax is what UK residents pay the government to maintain things like road and street lighting, street cleaning and rubbish collection. Students are exempt from this charge once a letter proving their student status is sent to the relevant Government department. When you arrive you will be asked to provide proof of your student status, which you must provide otherwise you might have to pay the tax.
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to keep any pets in your room or in any of the shared living spaces.
Yes, you are allowed to have friends over. However, each accommodation has a different guest policy, so check the Residents Handbook or ask the team at reception as you may need to sign in your guest using the onsite resident’s portal.
You are responsible for keeping your room clean and tidy. Our rules in relation to removing rubbish and ensuring food is properly stored can be found in the Residents Handbook.
You can pay for your room to be cleaned on a weekly basis or from time to time. The team on reception can give you more details.
Yes, you can, but please inform your accommodation and ask for assistance from the maintenance team.
To report any fault please report it to reception. Some of our accommodations may provide an app where you can report any maintenance issues.

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