10 things that will make your student life easier

25/12/2022 08:32:59

Congratulations on securing a place at your dream university and whilst we know moving overseas is both exciting prospect it can also be daunting one, but you’ve got this! And with this checklist you will be able to navigate your move to the UK with minimal stress!


  • Sort out your paperwork

Making sure you have sorted out everything in advance of moving to the UK will help you avoid stress once you’ve arrived. Ensure you have formally accepted your place, made the relevant payments and spoken to your university about accommodation options.

Most universities arrange pre-arrival webinars and host social media live chats when you can ask questions, get clarification, and importantly meet other students starting at the same time as you.


  • Book accommodation

There are many options for student accommodation in the UK (hyperlink to blog) and your university will also offer you accommodation that they manage. You will not be allocated accommodation automatically though, so accept the offer before the deadline.


  • Arrange a pick-up at the airport

Find out if your university or accommodation provider will be arranging airport pick-ups because many do offer a meet-and-greet service at the airports, and this might also be another way to meet students who have new to the UK and forge friendships.


  • Book your travel

The UK has several airports and seaports so choose how best to travel to the UK and then how to get to your accommodation. If you are not planning on using a meet and greet service, then you can always arrange a taxi in advance. 


  • Arrange insurance

Arrange travel insurance to cover yourself and your possessions during your travel and check with your accommodation provider about whether their insurance covers your personal possessions from theft, los, and damage. And if it’s not covered, you may like to arrange insurance yourself.


  • Pack your things

Pack light, remember most airlines only allow between 23kg to 32kg and you can get almost everything in the UK as we are multicultural country, plus there are restrictions on what you can bring into the UK such as certain foods, plants and large amounts of money so familiarise yourself with the rules.

Also pack a bag that you can take as hand luggage that includes your paperwork, money, warm clothing and contact details of your university or accommodation provider.


  • Start making friends

You don’t need to wait until you get to the UK to start making friends. Log onto social channels run by your course, university, or accommodation provider to meet other students that will be starting at the same time as you.


  • Join student societies

You will find most universities have student societies dedicated to the things you like doing as a hobby and a whole of new things you can try. These extra-curricular activities will help you beat home sickness, make new friends and help you manage the stress of being a student.


  • Learn how to cook

If you are a bit of disaster in the kitchen, then now might be the right time to learn how to cook because being able to cook for yourself will help you in so many ways.  It will help you with homesickness if you can conjure up your favourite dish, it will help you save money, and it will help you make friends!

Eating healthy and staying hydrated will also help you be a better student and keep your well.


  • Exercise to stay positive

If you are someone that enjoy exercising or doing certain sports, then continue! You will be able to find student societies dedicated to what you like and be able to join groups to try something new. And if you are not very sporty, give something new a go! It will help you stay fit and healthy, manage the stress of being a student and it will certainly help you make new friends.

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