5 UK festivals that need to be on your bucket list

06/09/2023 12:20:28

Being a student has a lot of pros and one of those is the amount of free time you have, especially over the summer when the UK is host to some AMAZING music festivals, here the stuhomes team recommends the best of the best. 

1. Notting Hill Carnival 

Where: London, UK 
When: August 

It’s Europe's largest street festival celebrating Caribbean culture with bright costumes, calypso music, and delicious Caribbean cuisine. Students from all over the world can come to and join this colorful parade and experience the lively atmosphere of London's Notting Hill district. It's a true representation of London's diverse and multicultural spirit. 

2. Glastonbury Festival 

Where: Somerset, UK 
When: June 

It's one of the world's most famous music festivals, featuring a diverse lineup of artists, from rock to electronic music, set against the backdrop of the picturesque Somerset countryside. It's a must-attend event for students seeking a unique festival experience. Glastonbury also partners with Oxfam, WaterAid and Greenpeace, shedding light on the social and environmental issues which matter the most.  

3. St. Patrick's Day Parade 

Where: London, UK and Dublin, Ireland 
When: March 

Parades for St. Patrick's Day take place all over London, but if you’re looking for a truly authentic experience, take a quick flight over to Dublin and see how the Irish celebrate. Take in the Irish music, learn an Irish jig, and immerse yourself in sea of green hats and plenty of Guinness!  

4. Pride in London 

Where: London, UK 
When: June or July 

Join the vibrant celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and rights and enjoy the spectacularly colorful parade, dance to music, and show your support for the community. It's a must-attend for all students looking to embrace diversity and celebrate love in one of the world's most exciting cities.  

5. Reading and Leeds Festivals 

Where: Reading and Leeds, England 
When: August 

Don’t be confused by this one! Reading and Leeds festival are actually two festivals. They offer an unforgettable weekend of music, attracting top bands from various genres. It’s a great opportunity for students living in London to explore the north of England too. 

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