How to deal with bad housemates

14/09/2023 13:53:48

Are you living in student accommodation and finding it a little challenging?  Are your fellow students noisy, messy, and regularly steel your food?  Well, read on for helpful tips on how to navigate the problems of living in shared stduent accommodation without losing your cool.

Precaution is king!

You’re probably reading this blog because things aren’t going well with the people you live with. Your dream of having a new “university family” is in shatters and we’ve got some guidance for you below. However, if you are reading this and things are still rosy, then our pearls of wisdom are that precaution is king! Make a real effort to get to know people you live with, understand their culture, if they are from elsewhere in the world, and suggest some rules you can all follow.

We know making the first move can be a nerve wracking experience, but remember everyone is in the same position and following these tips will help you break the ice.

Familiarise and follow the rules

Familiarisse yourself with the rules because all student accommodation, including stuhomes, have rules on things like when you can play music until. When your guests must leave the premises and how much storage space you have, if you share a kitchen.

If you know the rules you can politely remind others if you feel they are breaking them, and it is negatively effecting others.  It also pays to draw up rules early on if you are sharing a lounge and kitchen as well as a cleaning rota. That way everyone knows what is expected of them.

Talk through the problem, first

If something is bothering you then address it sooner than later.  If you feel you can speak to the individual or the people face-to-face all the better, as they may not be aware that their actions are affecting you. Do try and acknowledge their position, try and find a solution that works for everyone, and above all keep it friendly. If, however, that doesn’t work or you don’t feel comfortable to handle the situation reach out to the student support staff, who will help you.

What to do if the problem persists

If you feel your concerns are not being heard by the individual or the people you live with then write them a letter telling them what is bothering you.  Keep the letter short, factual and friendly. Offer solutions and acknowledge others perspective. Then give it a little time to see if things get better.

Get external help

If you feel you have tried to resolve the issue yourself and you aren’t getting anywhere you can get help from the Students Union, your university and if you live in purpose built student accommodation then you can speak to the staff, who will be able to offer you advice and possibly acts as an arbitrator.


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