Five Tips for Finding Student Accommodation in London

18/08/2023 10:59:37

Student accommodation in the 21st century is moving away from grubby house shares to bespoke ensuites and private kitchens. Now you’ve secured your place at university, let stuhomes guide you through securing your student accommodation.

  1. Set your budget

Your rent will depend on a variety of different things including location, amenities included and room type. Once you have a budget in mind you can search for rooms and find the one that suits you perfectly.

At stuhomes we have various properties in the best parts of London that’ll suit every budget, whether you’re after an ensuite or studio. Best of all our prices are inclusive of all bills and include a range of amenities including social spaces and high speed Wi-Fi – a few less things to worry about.


  1. Research the Area

Familiarise yourself with not just the area around your campus, but other areas in London too. With excellent transport links, London is your oyster! You’re not restricted to living close to your university, you can live in any area which suits your lifestyle.

Perhaps you’d prefer a quieter space like our Kirby Street Residence so you can focus on your studies, or you want to live within the hustle and bustle of London like our East Central House in Shoreditch, immersing yourself in the best bars and nightlife the capital has to offer. Whatever your vibe, make sure you research the area to find the best fit for your social and educational needs.


  1. Consider the Amenities

Student accommodations will vary in the amenities they offer so identify what is most important to you and see who can fulfil your needs.

Each of our properties come with a variety of amenities from laundry facilities on site to social areas and open spaces (a rarity for student accommodation in London!), as well as all bills included and Wi-Fi. At stuhomes there’s something for everyone so take a look and discover the exceptional features each of our properties have to offer.


  1. Understand the Commute

We understand you want to live as close to your university as possible. Use google maps to determine your commute time via public transport, walking or even by taxi. If you’re considering accommodation further from your chosen university to save money or because you prefer a different area, weigh up the benefits against the drawbacks of a longer commute.

Our property pages show our exact location so take a look and see if they suit your commute.


  1. Read the Contract

Student accommodation may not always be cheap and you need to understand the contract you’re entering. Handshake deals or finding someone on Facebook marketplace might seem like a good idea at the time but you’ll have no protection on rent, deposit repayments or help with other concerns.

Your deposit should also be placed into a tenancy deposit scheme to protect your money. Here at stuhomes we ensure your deposit is protected and placed in a Government-backed tenancy deposit scheme for your security as well as ensuring all details regarding your accommodation are clearly laid out in your licence agreement. See our FAQs for more details.

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