When to start looking for student accommodation

22/09/2023 11:33:07

Follow our step-by-step guide on when you should start looking for student accommodation to make the process stress free.


It's never too soon to start looking for student accommodation

It is never too soon to start looking for accommodation because it will give you an idea of what is available, the cost and the application process. The stuhomes team speak to hundreds of students every year and the one thing we know is that students that leave it to the last minute are super stressed, often compromise on taking accommodation that isn’t ideal and, in some cases, have to pay more to secure accommodation before the start of the academic year.

Stuhomes recommend you start your search early and follow our timetable.

What to do in Jan/Feb

Private accommodation providers will allow you to book a room for the academic year as early as Jan or Feb, and often incentives early bookings, so visit websites and attend housing fairs by googling when these are happening in cities or at universities you are interested in.

And if you are planning on attending university open days then consider making appointments to see the university accommodation along with what’s available near the campus in terms of private student accommodation options. And if you want to rent a place of your own or your parents are keen to buy one then book appointments with local agents.

What to do in Jul/Aug

July and August are your key months to secure accommodation, but it is also a highly competitive time as thousands of other students are looking as well. Your plan of action should be to know which accommodation is your preferred option and to put a deposit down before the A Level results are announced (which is the 3rd week of August in the UK) because many private student accommodation providers will return your deposit if you don’t achieve the exam results you need, but be careful if you are renting from a private landlord as they are unlikely to return your deposit and read the contract carefully because most landlords will require you to commit for an academic year.

As for university run accommodation you are likely to be offered it as a first-year student, but you will need to submit your application before the deadline and this can vary from university to university and be as early as May or as late as August.

What to do in Sept/Oct

Ahead of the academic year make sure you have paid your deposit and first instalment and submitted all the paperwork required by your landlord or student accommodation provider.

Not paying or being late paying the deposit or 1st instalment could mean you lose the accommodation, so make sure you follow the instructions sent to you. If, however, you are still looking for accommodation you will have some options open to you, albeit limited. This includes contacting your university to ask if they have any availability, or looking at private student accommodation providers such as us at Stuhomes and GoBritanya to see if there are any rooms still available.

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