Tips on how to settle into University life

31/08/2023 22:21:45

Starting university is both exciting and petrifying! So, the stuhomes team have put together a few tips to help you settle into university life.

Remember homesickness are normal

Missing your friends, family and your home is perfectly normal and to be expected. You are almost guaranteed to feel nervous and out of place for a short period of time. After all you’re leaving everything that is familiar to you behind. But remember will be joining hundreds of other students that are going through the same thing, so get busy creating your new “university family” and if you are staying at a stuhome property we arrange loads of events and socials to help you meet other residents.

Get organised

Getting organised by joining campus tours, finding out where your lecturers will be held and doing all the paperwork that goes with starting university will make you feel calmer and in control. In tandem find out the best route to your university and get to know your neighbourhood.

Join student societies

Before you start your lecturers be sure to attend Freshers Week which is not only the perfect way to meet other students starting university but you will be able to find out what clubs and societies the students union runs. And regardless of whether you have a hobby that you want to continue or want to try something new most societies run free taster sessions so you have nothing to lose!

Decorate your new home

It’s hard to feel at home when your walls are bare, and your couch is ugly. Even if you can’t make permanent changes to your university housing you can still give it some personality. Have photos of friends and family up on display, bring somethings that remind you of home, and buy some posters. Go on, make it feel like your new home!

Get some exercise

Exercising is a great way to meet new people while giving your brain a boost. If you can, join a class or a team. Try to make exercising part of your regular routine—it will help you to stay healthy as well as help you create a new routine that will help you settle into your new life as a university student.

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