What you need to pack for university

24/08/2023 14:45:05

Starting university can be daunting enough but adding the stress of knowing what to pack can be mind boggling.  Fear not, the stuhomes team have come up with 5 hacks that will help you pack like a pro.


Hack 1: Documents

The most important thing to remember when travelling is to bring the appropriate paperwork. If you do not have the correct documentation such as a valid passport, UK entry clearance and your CAS letter, you may be denied entry at the border – not a good way to begin your new adventure as a student in the UK.


Pro tip: Whilst travelling, pack your important documents in a plastic folder in your hand luggage to ensure you can access them easily. And if anything leaks, your precious paperwork doesn’t get ruined.


Hack 2: Clothing

The climate in the UK can vary drastically, it’s not unknown to experience all four seasons in one day! Make sure you have a warm coat, hoodies, jumpers as well as lighter things like T- Shirts.


Pro tip: Keep it versatile, consider a capsule wardrobe to save space in your suitcase and your wardrobe at university.


Hack 3: Check what your accommodation provider does (and doesn’t!) supply.

When you move into your student accommodation, don’t assume that it’ll come stocked with kitchen-wear and bedding. Most studios and shared kitchens will come with the basics such as the cooker, kettle, and toasters but it’s always best to double check.


Pro tip: We at stuhomes offer packs for you to purchase like bedding and kitchen-wear so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you are moving into one of our properties click here to purchase our useful starter packs.


Hack 4: Electronics and Tech Essentials

The voltage used in the UK is likely to be different to your country, so it is worth buying cheap electrical items, like hairdryers, when you arrive. If you are going bringing your laptop then don’t forget to bring a converter so your appliances will work properly in the UK.


Pro tip: The UK uses type G plugs and 230 volts at 50 hertz.


Hack 5: Money

Come armed with both cash and cards, so that you don’t get caught out. But the Stuhomes team suggest you only bring in a small amount of cash and be aware if you bring £10,000 or more into the UK you will need to declare it to UK customs authorities, at the airport.


Another, way to bring in cash is to credit a prepaid card. And if you pay for things on a debit or credit card, be aware you will be charged an exchange rate for using your cards, so try and open a UK bank account ASAP.


Pro tip: Open an online UK bank account, such as Monzo, which are quicker to set-up.

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